Pet At Home Customized Services

Each pet we care for is unique and their care is customized at their home. Less stress in their own environment helps pets stay healthy and avoids unnecessary exposure to illness. During our complimentary interview we evaluate each pet’s needs and our time involved to properly care for them and your home. We will answer questions and take your pet’s history and complete necessary forms just in case they have an issue that requires a Vet visit. Ask us about your pet’s nutritional needs or behavioral issues? We often can provide helpful information to make them feel more relaxed when you’re away.

There is also no need to stop your mail as we will bring it in during our visit, along with any packages and place trash/recycling out as scheduled. Pet At Home handles the what if’s, both with your pet and your home. By observing your home we look for any noticeable water leaks, A/C problems, or electrical or security issues. When warranted we can respond accordingly and contact an appropriate service provider. Our team of professionals always keep your security in mind during our visit and will never advertise that the owner is away with signage on our vehicles.

Administering Sub-Q fluids or Oral Medication – yes, we do both. Pets receiving insulin or other medication are given top scheduling priority to receive medications on time.

Pet Sit Visit – minimum of a ½ hour or more depending on time involved to care for dogs, cats or other small animals including fish. A Pet Sit visit is billed by visit and can be once or several times a day. A Pet Sit visit includes walking the dog or exercise time in the yard if preferred. All pets receive fresh food and water, pet dishes cleaned, playtime, TLC, brushing hair or teeth as requested and we clean up pet areas. We observe a pet’s health by utilizing our training from Pet Tech in performing a Snout to Tail assessment (pet willing). Our attention is focused on your pet to keep them out of trouble and away from ingesting dangerous things. We observe what they consume and eliminate, and always pick up waste after pet and scoop litter box at each visit.

Daily Dog Walks – our “Piddle In The Middle,” service gives your pet a potty break and exercise normally between 11 a.m. and 3p.m.

Puppy, Kitten or Senior Pet Care – for new fur babies or those needing extra care.

Late Night Pet Visit – we offer visits from 8:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. for a small additional charge. Especially great for elderly and young pups!

Pet Taxi – transportation to the Vet or Groomer