Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contact us today at 561-686-2900. We will arrange a complimentary interview to meet you and your pet to see if we are a good match. We gather many details about your pet and home. We go over your pets needs and our agreement. If we all agree, paperwork is completed and payment or a deposit is accepted. Sorry no credit cards.

  • Our rates depend on the type of service, if medication is required, the number of pets and the time it takes to provide care for them properly. We also care for your home and provide an extra measure of security. We can offer assistance during an emergency when you are away. We bring in the mail, packages and see that your trash and recycles are handled on appropriate days. Rates are by visit and will be determined by Pet At Home at the meet and greet.

  • That depends on the needs of your pet, but never less than once per day for cats, fish and other non-canine animals. Dogs normally require a minimum of 2 visits per day, unless it’s for a single dog walk such as
    our, “Piddle in the Middle Service”.

  • Even though cats are independent they need to be checked on at least daily. We want to make sure that your cat stays healthy. Two days can be too long to react to an illness such as a urinary blockage. Also, stress plays a big impact on cats health and a daily visits offers consistency and love.

  • Friends are usually well intended, but can cause a liability for us.  Non-professionals sitters may not be focused on your pet. Pets can ingest things they shouldn’t.  Doors can be left open or unlocked, friends might forget the visit entirely. Pets can escape their collars or harnesses and get lost or worse!

  • Your Pet Sitter is a member of our staff that is trained by us and has passed a background check with excellent references. Your satisfaction is important to us and that is why we do not risk contracting out your assignment.

  • Yes, Pet At Home orders a background check for all employees as well as thoroughly checks references.

  • Yes, everyone at Pet At Home is bonded and insured.

  • Our insurance covers your pet and your home. We avoid unleashed animals when walking your pet, but sometimes an altercation can occur beyond matters in our control. If your pet receives injury while in our care the insurance covers treatment and care by a Veterinarian.

  • Our established customers come first! We recommend that you contact us well in advance to make a reservation for a meet and greet interview. At the interview, we will go over the services to be performed and gather information about the care of your pet, your home and home security. We pick up keys and any access cards, and payment for our services. Holidays and holiday weeks often fill up quickly. Whenever possible we recommend securing those reservations several months in advance.

  • Visits are a minimum of a half-hour upon arrival.

  • Pet At Home and staff are trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. We offer suggestions on Pet nutrition and behavior. We are a small company not a franchise. We invest in staying current on the best way to care for your pet by being an active member of PSI, attending webinars and conferences and networking with other sources. Your security is important to us as our own. We are focused your pet and committed to caring for your home. Just ask our references!