About Us! 

Hello my name is Deedra Thompson and I am the Chief Pet Sitter, aka President of Pet At Home Sitting Services, Inc. I was born in Austin, TX to a family that owned and operated a private zoo called Coxville. My maiden name was Cox. My passion had begun and I formed a strong bond with our animals at an early age. They were part of our lives and I learned to provide proper care for them, enjoy the pleasure from seeing visitors and friends discover our animals. The trust and loving relationship with the animals was amazing and rewarding.

My first paid job was running a pony ride for the children visiting the Zoo. I was paid .25 cents for each rider and got to keep all the money. It seemed like a lot before I was a teenager! We bathed and groomed the Shetland ponies and secured their saddles for the kids to ride. There were many other tasks behind the scenes like helping my Dad administer medicine and other care for them.

Once the Zoo was closed and during and after school, I found employment in fast food, retail, savings and loans, social services and tourism where I relocated and worked in Jamaica. After 3 years, I relocated to south Florida, met and married my partner Russ. I have held various executive assistant positions with the last one being in healthcare for 12 years, but none seem to provide the fulfillment that being with animals did.

I started Pet At Home part-time in 2004, while working full-time then finally decided to leave the good salary, 40 hour work week and benefits behind and concentrate on my pet business full-time 7 days a week/365 day a year including holidays. I became a member of PSI, Pet Sitter’s International at the beginning of my business and later obtained my Certification as a Professional Pet Sitter with PSI.  The network of pet professionals and access to continued education about pet care, holistic care, pet health and nutrition is on-going and very rewarding and useful. I share with my client’s suggestions and ideas on how to stimulate their pet’s environment, especially for cats and care for their pets and make them more comfortable as they age. I have trained in Pet CPR, First Aid, Senior Petizen and Dental care with Pet Tech and also became Certified in Pet CPR+ by Pet Emergency Education, LLC. I take advantage of other sources as well to better nurture the pets and improve services to our clients.

I share our home with my husband Russ, our two Shih-tzu’s – Gizmo and Ziggy, and our cat Wrangler.

Hello my name is Russ Thompson and I am a Pet Sitter and Vice President of Pet At Home Sitting Services, Inc. and honey –do- man for my wife Deedra. I am trained in Pet CPR/First Aid/Senior Petizen and Dental Care by Pet Tech and also became Certified in Pet CPR+ by Pet Emergency Education, LLC. I was born and grew up in Indiana in the Elkhart and South Bend area. We had pets over the years and I was often the neighborhood dog walker. I joined the Navy during the Viet Nam era and spent 4 years serving our country. I have worked in the real estate industry as an agent/broker, travel industry, with the railroad, and various trades over the years.

One of my favorite breeds is the sometimes dreaded Pit Bull. I found that the size or breed is not an indicator of temperament or love. My Son Ben was raised and became best friends with Butch a beautiful brindle color Pit who was extremely tolerant of him. Although, there were a few home repairs needed during the puppy years it was well worth the expense and training to have all that love! After moving to South Florida and meeting Deedra I also fell for the small sweet Shih-tzu’s that share our home along with our cat Wrangler.